Do not stop


The end of the year is approaching fast and, as always, this has spun me into a deeply contemplative tizzy.

I’ve reviewed my resolutions for 2014 that I did not want to make but made anyway and now fear one of these coming on.


My dance goals don’t really seem to have progressed as far as I’d have wanted them to (I did make some progress though, which I am very happy about).

But at the end of the day, the quote below is a great one to remember, especially as an adult dancer.

Progress may come quickly sometimes and more slowly at other times but the important thing is to keep going no matter what!

This will be my mantra for the next few weeks 🙂

Goodness, can you believe there are only a few more weeks left of 2014?!



Better than myself

I know it’s true, yet I find it so difficult to remember – comparisson is the thief of joy, especially in dance class.

We are  all different – with different body types, different talents and different difficulties. This week’s inspirational quote is a great one to remember if you compare yourself to others during dance class.

So during this evening’s class I’ll be trying to dance “better than myself” and spend less time comparing my progress to others. If this tactic was good enough for Baryshnikov, it should be good enough enough for me, too! 😉

Quote by Baryshnikov

Do you compare yourself to others during dance class? If so, how does it affect your dancing and how do you stop yourself from doing it? I’d love to hear your experiences, so please share.