Ballet class is like a box of chocolates…

Progress for the adult ballet dancer is seldom a linear affair. There are “up” days when you feel like nothing can stop you – your turns are on point, your port-de-bras is perfect, you pick up the choreography quickly and your teacher keeps shooting pleased glanced your way. Those days are AMAZING.

But then, there are the other days.

The “down” days that no one likes to mention or remember, when you feel you’ve taken a step backwards or you’ve reached some sort of plateau. Those days SUCK.

I think I’ve hit a plateau lately and it SUCKS.

The good things is, I know what I have to work on to push myself to the next level – my ankles are still too weak and they sickle out when I get tired on relevΓ©. I also need to work on keeping my core “compact” all the time.

The bad things is, some days I do well in class and other days nothing seems to work like it should.

A box of chocolates

To (mis)quote Forest Gump – ballet class is like a box of chocolates at the moment. I never know what I’m going to get (“up” day Tochi or “down” day Tochi).

But I guess that’s just part of the adult ballet game.

Have any of you felt like you’ve hit a plateau before? What do you do to get out of it? I’d love to hear your advice.

12 thoughts on “Ballet class is like a box of chocolates…

  1. I’ve hit that so called plateau a couple of times during my time back in the ballet game. Well there’s really nothing to it but finding some kind of new motivation or inspiration to up your game or to be complacent with what you’ve got for some classes. Just look up some videos on Youtube and do some in-home practice or just dancing for FUN, for YOU, and you’ll get back into the groove of things!

  2. I do not really have advice for you, but I can tell you what I try to do, whenever I hit a plateau or feel like I am going backwards: I tell myself to just keep going, step by step, maybe try to focus on one thing (for example, technique) instead of trying to achieve several things at once. If it is very bad, I sometimes take a week off from dancing. Instead I try to do other things I enjoy: visit a museum, go to the cinema, take a short trip to another town… anything that keeps my brain busy while my body relaxes.

    1. YES!!! I think this is something I do wrong. There are so many things to concentrate on and I guess I just get overwhelmed with it all sometimes. I will try focusing on one thing at a time, probably my core because that’s what really holding me back now. Thank you Paulina! πŸ™‚

  3. Damn that pesky core! lol I’m sorry you feel in a funk, but I’m glad that you know what you need to concentrate on — that’s half the battle I think! Good luck working on it. πŸ™‚

  4. It seems like that is the story of my ballet life! I have good days and bad days. When it comes to plateuing on things, I just keep work, and applying the tips I get from my teachers.

    1. Hahaha, I think its actually the story of every adult dancer’s life, not just yours πŸ™‚ I think you’re right, the best thing to do is simple – keep applying tips and corrections and just stick to it. Patience is my main problem…
      Thanks for the advice Dancescribe! πŸ™‚

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