They who dance

I’ve been travelling a lot lately for work and have missed a few ballet classes more than I would have liked. But I’m happy to say that the busy period is ending now and things should be returning back to normal soon.

I’ve always known dance was a significant part of my life but not having danced for a while now I’m more aware than ever of it importance. I miss standing at my place at the barre and seeing the many familiar faces. I miss the music, the movement, the lessons and, oddly, I even miss the sweat and tense muscles dance brings.

If you’re a dancer, you’ll know how I feel. And if you can relate to me, I’m sure you’ll like the poem below.

May we all find the “infinite golden floors beneath our feet” that the poem mentions!

Dancer in the studio, dancing in front of a large mirror

They Who Dance by Marjorie Allen Seiffert

The feet of dancers
Shine with mirth,
Their hearts are vibrant as bells:

The air flows by them
Divided like water
Cut by a gleaming ship.

Triumphantly their bodies sing,
Their eyes are blind
With music.

They move through threatening ghosts

Feeling them cool as mist
On their brows.

They who dance
Find infinite golden floors
Beneath their feet.

they who dance_2

2 thoughts on “They who dance

  1. Love it! Especially the poem and the pictures. And I totally agree with you, there’s an empty space in my heart that needs to be filled when I don’t get to dance often enough!! I spend my time looking up dance clips online just to try to fill it 😉 Thank God for ballet class!!

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