Saying yes

The funniest thing happened to me the other day in my favourite ballet shop ( I was there to buy some much needed new pointe shoes but, from the corner of my eye, I noticed the shop assistants hanging up some beautiful new warm-up trousers. I thought about trying them on but convinced myself not to – pointe shoes are expensive enough as it is.

As I was trying on pointe shoes, a man with a professional camera marched in. As many of you know, buying pointe shoes requires 300% of your concentration so I barely noticed him at first.

The shop owner greeted him and began discussing the photos he needed to take. She pointed to the new warm-up trousers saying “we have to get photos of those today so we can put them up on our website before Christmas”. I tried to guess who the model would be – a famous ballerina from the national ballet or one from abroad?

It turns out, I wasn’t the only one wondering who the model would be. At one point, the photographer said, “the mannequins make the clothes look lifeless. Don’t we have a model?”

You know those moments in films when everything falls silent as the character on screen realises everyone is looking at them? I looked up from the pointe shoes I was admiring only to find everyone’s eyes were on me.

“Would you be our model for the day?” he asked me.

Now, I’m no risk taker and I seldom act spontaneously. So my first thought was “quick, pretend you don’t understand the language he is speaking and calmly back out of the shop”!

But I didn’t do that.

Maybe it was the euphoria of buying a new pair of pointe shoes or maybe just the pressure (literally EVERYONE and their mother was looking at me) – either way I said “yes”.

Soon I was changing from outfit to outfit and having things put on and taken off me. For someone like me who doesn’t like people fussing around them, it wasn’t fun and even the consolatory chocolate cookies I got didn’t make things better. I was happy when it was over.

I bought my pointe shoes and was ready to leave when the shop keeper handed me a bag saying “thank you so much for helping us, we really appreciate it. The trousers suited you, I hope you’ll wear them.” I looked inside and found TWO pairs of the beautiful new warm-up trousers I had been admiring when I first entered the shop.

On my way home, I thought about all the times I’ve taken the comfortable way out of similar situations. What could have I have gained from saying yes instead of no? A new friend, a new hobby or maybe just a new chance to grow?

It’s Friday everyone. There are plenty of new opportunities to try out this weekend. Let’s take a chance and say “yes”.

EXT_saying yes_2013


If you’re wondering what pointe shoes I bought – I got my first pair of Gaynor Mindens. Does anyone have experience with them? I’d love to hear your opinion.

12 thoughts on “Saying yes

  1. Haha this is such an amazing story!! So good of you to say YES.. We should all do that more often!
    The warmups looks pretty comfy! I just bought new pointe shoes today too, but they’re not very comfortable…….. Ahhh well, might just need some breaking in.
    I have no experience with GM shoes, but I hear they are pretty nice to wear and they last longer than your average pointe shoe. Good luck with them I am dying to see how they look on your feet and how you feel in them when dancing!

      1. I got the medium shank hardness. I tried the hardest but they were just too painful and I could barely concentrate on dancing. I have a difficult class tomorrow – am excited to see how I do with the new shoes.

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