A plea for feet

They are, undoubtedly, one of the unsung heroes of our day to day lives. These strong and complex structures bear the weight of our bodies, help us walk and keep us from falling flat on our faces (in most cases at least 🙂 ). Our feet are nothing short of amazing!

INT_a plea for feet 1_2013
My feet resting at rehearsal

As adult dancers, we may pay more attention to them than the average person but that attention is often negative. We notice their low arches, their inflexibility, their “un-shapeliness” (bunions anyone?), their inability to keep up with difficult dance combinations, the list goes on. That can’t be fair?

So what’s all this talk about feet, you ask? Let me explain.

Yesterday, waiting for my train home from work, I noticed a small, throbbing pain in my right big toe. I ignored it. By the time I got home that small, throbbing pain had grown into a large, “I-think-someone-is-sawing-my-toe off” pain.

INT_a plea for feet 2_2013
My feet in wellis after the rain

I took off my shoes and it wasn’t pretty – my poor toe was blue and a little swollen. I’ve since been to the podiatrist who confirmed that nothing is broken or seriously damaged. Although I’m not really sure how it happened, it feels better today so I’m not worried. But the whole scenario has made me more aware of the abuse I put my feet through.

Like this morning, in the shower. I kept looking down at my poor feet, thinking of all they help me do. I could almost hear them appealing to me, in anguished voices “why do you treat us so badly?”, “show us some love”.

So, that’s my mission for this weekend – to show love to my poor, dear, dancing feet.

My toes are actually wriggling in delightful anticipation in my boots as I write this because I’ve got a whole programme of fun lined up for them like this 10-step tutorial, these fun exercises and this easy DIY.

My feet enjoying the sand in Barcelona
My feet enjoying the sand in Barcelona

It’s Friday everyone, let’s take pity on our feet and show them some love this weekend. They deserve it!

4 thoughts on “A plea for feet

  1. Feet are indeed very important! Without them we wouldn’t be able to walk, let alone dance 😉
    Your feet look gorgeous in the first picture! You have nice feet 😉

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