On ballet and the “point”

She looked at me a with a mixture of concern and pity. „I understand you like it, but do you really need to take ballet class FIVE days a week?“ The emphasis she put on the word FIVE made me shift around uncomfortably. I „ummmed“ for a minute, sinking deeper into my chair, but the next quesion came before I could mumble my answer. „You said you don’t even preform on stage that often, right? So, what is the point?“

Since I first started dancing seriously again, I’ve resigned myself to this kind of interegation from friends, family and even (very, very rarely) from my man D. I don’t expect anyone to understand and I’m the first to admit that taking ballet five times a week is a tad on the excessive side. But sometimes, their questions make me feel uncomfortable, even foolish.

Why am I taking FIVE ballet classes a week? Why do I spend such a substantial portion of my income on classes, leotards and pointe shoes? Why do I choose to spend Friday nights and saturday mornings in a stuffy ballet studio, pouring with sweat, performing to an imaginary audience? What is the point – is there a point?

INT_on ballet and the point_2013

In adult ballet, you strive for a perfection you are very unlikely to attain and you are fully aware of this. But having impeccable technique is not the point.

In adult ballet, you seldom dance on stage and your family and friends are usually the only ones who want to see you. But preforming to huge audiences is not the point.

Adult ballet dancers will most probably never dance for a ballet company and they rarely give up their jobs to pursue careers in dance. But making it into a top ballet company is not the the point.

INT_on ballet and the point 2_2013

The point, for me, is profoundly simple – being in the moment and doing something that I love. Could there be a better „point“ than that?

I don’t think so.

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