Dancers’ delights

Ballet dancers really are a crazy bunch. I say that with love, fully aware that as an “amateur ballerina” I’m part of the club.

If you think about it, no one in their right minds should willingly want to put that much stress on the bodies or, in the case of female dancers, balance their entire body weight on their tip toes. Crazy, dangerous and painful? Certainly, but ballet can also be deeply rewarding, healthy and fun.

INT_dancers delight 1_2013

It’s hard to explain ballet’s appeal to people who are not into it – first, you have to overcome the initial misconceptions and stereotypes of ballet being “unathletic and easy”, “something for rich Caucasian girls” and “all about swans, pink tutus and glittering tiaras ”. Should you manage that mammoth task (and have any energy left), you might then be able to describe your love for the art form to your (most probably skeptical and uninterested) audience. When I started the blog, I knew ballet had to be part of it.

Ballet (and dance in general) forms such a integral part of my life that it would be strange not to include it.

So I’ve decided to start a feature called “dancer’s delights” in which I’ll chronicle my love for ballet and all things dance. So dig out those dancing shoes and dust off your old tutu, I hope to getting you dancing soon.

INT_dancers delight 2_2013

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