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Dialogue of an (ir)rational 29 year old brain

Exactly one week ago, a new year started for me. For the past 7 seven days, I’ve been living in what feels like a new era, a new chapter, a new adventure.


Last Monday I turned..dum dum da dum… 29. TWENTY NINE!

That’s 29 summers, 348 first days of the months, 10592 sunrises, 254209 glorious hours of LIFE.

I feel so blessed to have seen all I have these past years and done all of I’ve done.


I tried to focus on the birthday at hand but my focus kept being fast-forwarded to my next birthday. Of all the people who wished me well for this birthday, 99% of them eventually ended up speaking about my impending “milestone birthday”.

“Oh, my dear, I cannot believe you’ll will be turning 30 next year!” lamented my sweet Aunt.

“No, don’t tell me you will be turning 30 next year! I won’t believe it! To me you’ll always be 16!” exclaimed my older brother.

“So, it’s the big 3 – 0 next year. Are you excited?” remarked a favourite colleague at work.

“You’ll be 30 next year. You should really start taking better care of your skin.” insisted the beauty-supply shop assistant.

This past week, people mentioned my upcoming 30th  birthday more than my current 29th!


I’ve never had a problem with getting older. In fact, I rather enjoy it. I am one year wiser and better equipped to face life’s challenges. I also have a fabulous group of older role models, including my Mum who became a certified psychological counsellor at 60!

The people in my life are a testament to the fact that age should never get in the way of pursuing and achieving your dreams.


That all makes sense to the rational part of my brain.

But last Monday, on my birthday, the irrational part of my brain took hold.


I am turning 30 next year.

Wow, I just took a second to let that sentence sink in.


I am really looking forward to turning 30 but I can’t help feeling a slight sense of panic when I recall the things I wanted to do/try/complete before my 30th birthday.

Age 30 has always been my internal deadline for things (I believe psychologists call this the “age 30 deadline” syndrome).

Does this mean I have to get them all done before then!?  


Then the rational part of my brain kicks in, calms me down.

There is only ONE deadline in life. It’s only over when it’s OVER!

I have time.


The rational part of my brain told me to list the biggest goals I still want to achieve by 30.

Now, I am aware this goes against my new year’s resolution to not have any resolutions, but I think I’ll have to make an exception. List-making is therapeutic/calming for me.

I made my list last night.


The irrational part of my brain panicked at the thought of publishing the list on the blog.

“Once it’s OUT THERE, you can’t change your mind!”  

The rational part of my brain said to publish it anyway.

“Once it’s OUT THERE, you’ll be more motivated to actually get things done!”

  1.  Start a business
  2. Choreograph a dance
  3. Publish an e-book
  4. Raise 29,000 Euros for charity
  5. Work on a farm
  6. Master front splits
  7. Start my PhD
  8. Send 29 letters of gratitude
  9. Create emergency fund
  10. Make a home

Ambitious, ey? Well, I guess that’s what (almost) turning 30 will do to you.

Explanations of each will follow in the weeks to come.

Wish me luck!

Birthday bouquet from D :)

Birthday bouquet from D :)


  1. Haha congrats with turning 29!! That big 3-0 is still some time away.
    My sister is turning 30 this year and I think she had made peace with it! When she just turned 29 she didn’t want to hear people say that she was close to the mile-stone age, so I guess that’s pretty normal!

    I love your outlook on life and I totally agree with you; we are lucky to get older and wiser. Think about all the people that didn’t even get to be 29 years old, and count your blessings! :-)

  2. Congratulations! And listen to this middle-aged lady: you can still get done things after your thirtieth birthday, even at forty-something.

  3. Excellent list!! I turned 30 last May, and 30 has been one of the best years of my life. Here’s a belated birthday wish that 29 is one of your best! 😁

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