silence is golden STK

Golden silence

Silence is golden.

I cannot express how strongly I agree with this saying.

I’m a huge fan of personal “quiet times”, a fervent supporter of the adage “think before you speak” and I HATE (yes, that’s a strong word but I really do) “small talk”.

If this post comes across as being a little on the passive-aggressive side, it is. I’ve just spent approximately three hours engrossed in POINTLESS “small talk”  with a certain someone who shall go unnamed.

I am feeling drained and frankly a little “bullied”.

silence is golden

Hahaha! I was soooo tired after all the small talk. You can’t imagine.

Introverts like me do not appreciate being forced into conversation. We’ll converse when we have something to say and, even then, only until our “social batteries” are drained.

After that we need serious one-on-one time (with ourselves) to “recharge”.

This post may be short, but it’s truly from the heart.

Please, if you have an introvert in your life, respect their “quiet times”. Don’t bully them into pointless small talk.

It’s Friday everyone.

Let’s cut the small talk, respect the quirks of the dear introverts among us and remember that…

Silence is golden.

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  1. Completely agree – I’ve spent the last four days being very sociable, meeting up with new people as well as old friends, and I’m so exhausted by it I feel like I’m dying. I’m very glad there’s a category I fit into which explains this away! Jx

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